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My jokes and sketches have been used on Radio 4 Extra satirical news show, Newsjack, across three series. I have also worked in their writers room across two series.


Series 15, Episode 3: David Cameron in the job centre sketch at 11:47.

Series 15, Episode 2: David Cameron joke at 15:00.

Series 16, Episode 2: Mary Poppins in 2017

See my showreel on the home page for highlights.


My sketches and songs are regularly used by satirical theatre show, NewsRevue. In particular, they used a lot of my work at their big Edinburgh Fringe show in 2017.


Britain’s Got Satire

My jokes won a competition to be used in live performances and local radio broadcasts of Britain’s Got Satire.

Sketch, Please

I regularly write for sketch podcast group, Sketch, Please.


Episode 2: NHS Direct sketch at 5:33.

Episode 6: Windsor sketch at 6:26.

Episode 4: Hip hop philosophy at 2:31.

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