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I’m a comedy writer, suffering from an acute case of Britishness. I have credits on Newsjack (BBC Radio 4) and NewsRevue. I was a top 10 BAFTA Rocliffe finalist in 2016 and I’ve had work performed at The Vaults, Theatre503, Canal Café Theatre, Matchstick Theatre, The Brockley Jack and The Hen and Chicken.

I also work as a freelance advertising copywriter. My advertising portfolio can be found here.


“Probably the best sitcom I’ve ever read by a new writer. Scrap the probably.”

Dave Cohen, Scriptwriter, on Straight Faced.

“A confident, impressive performer.”

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, on my stand-up.

“He has a strong opening gag about his name, and the ensuing five minutes proved nicely constructed, with a neat tie-up at the end.”

Steve Bennett, Chortle, on my stand-up.

“I really liked your stuff about….”

Jason Manford, on my stand-up. I was too drunk to remember which bit of my set it was that Jason Manford liked.

“Comedy? Really? I never thought you were funny as such.”

My Mum, on me.

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Writing accolades:

Britain’s Got Satire joke-writing competition WINNER

BAFTA Rocliffe Sitcom competition TOP 10 FINALIST (Straight Faced)

Boyz Magazine Christmas Show of the Year 2018 Nomination (Tinderella)

Craft of Comedy new sitcom script 2018 winner (Straight Faced)

BBC Class Dismissed sketch writing competition short list

Shore Scripts TV pilot QUARTER FINALIST (Top 5%) (Straight Faced)

Supernova Festival long list (Straight Faced)

Writing credits:

Newsjack (BBC Radio 4 Extra) credits and Writers Room

N89 performed at Matchstick Theatre

The Start of The Rainbow performed at Theatre503

Something About Billy staged by Full Disclosure Theatre

Broach staged as part of Pensive Federation’s Significant Other at The Vaults

NewsRevue (Canal Café Theatre) credits


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