Tube Eavesdropper


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British Rationals

My writing is frequently used in innovative new Facebook and YouTube project, British Rationals in which actors play the British public, reacting to today’s news.

Some examples of my writing for British Rationals:


The world’s news in 500 seconds. A weekly YouTube project by a mix of professional and up-and-coming comics. As part of this project, I’ve worked with Zoe Lyons, Joel Dommett and Ninia Benjamin. I’m very happy to be a part of the writing and performing team. Some examples of my jokes are in the video below.

Tube Eavesdropper

I publish funny things I overhear on the tube every day as part of a social media project called Tube Eavesdropper. It has over 750 followers.

Tube Eavesdropper on Facebook
@tubeeavesdrop on Twitter

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