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An immersive comedy set on a night bus, full of drunken clubbers and fried chicken clutchers.

Had a 6 night run at Matchstick Theatre in Deptford, October-November 2018. Click here for more details.

It even made the local paper and got a segment on ITV London News. It went down very well with audiences and we’re in discussions with other theatres at the moment.



A tale of romance set in the packing department of a 1988 factory.

Performed at The Vaults with The Pensive Federation, April 2018.

The Start of the Rainbow

A job interview takes a strangely personal turn.

Performed at Theatre503, May 2018.

Something About Billy

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A working-class family struggles to come to terms with their son’s coming out.

Performed at The Hen and Chickens with Full Disclosure Theatre, October 2017.

Other theatre projects

  • Currently working on a stage version of my sitcom idea, Straight Faced.
  • Currently working on a short play called Little Boy for the Brockley Jack.
  • Several sketch and song credits at Canal Café Theatre’s NewsRevue. Please see sketch page for more details.


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