My Boys

My short play, My Boys, was produced by Broken Silence Theatre as part of their Voices From Home Festival at Theatre 503 in June 2019. It was directed by Sophie Drake. It’s the story of an estranged family, reuniting for the first time in two years at Len’s funeral. It deals with topics of family, tradition, sexuality and death. I received great feedback from audience, performers and reviewers and I’ll be looking to develop this piece either into a longer stage piece or for screen soon.

“Thought-provoking and poignant.” London Theatre 1

“Funny and sad in equal measure, this enjoyable play about family and forgiveness will make you want to call your loved ones just to say hi.” Theatre Things

“There are some brilliant laugh out loud lines in this bittersweet story (is a cheese and pineapple hedgehog ever anything but hilarious?) but writer Daniels also holds the audience with some beautifully tender moments. This short feels like it has the legs to grow into a longer play. ” London Pub Theatres

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